Effects and advantages of systemic constellations

Create confidence

Aspects that the client had sensed become clear. The client learns to trust his implicit knowledge and develops the sensation of certainty when he makes a decision.

Integrate emotions

Emotions that cause dysfunctional behaviors in real live situation can be triggered during the constellation and the protected context helps the client to integrate them.

Understand personal patterns of behavior

The client becomes aware of his behavioral patterns and can develop alternatives.

Understand organizational dynamics

The clients can see and perceive the effect of the rules and habits inscribed in the culture of the organization and develop alternatives.

Stimulate creativity

By integrating implicit and explicit knowledge as well as collective knowledge, new solutions and ideas can emerge.

Comprehend the effect of strategies and theories of action

The dynamics that derive from a specific strategy or theory of action can be simulated to understand their impact on real live situations.

Experience the ascpects of time and efforts

The dimensions of time and effort, that is requested to implement a decision, can be perceived in a constellation. 

Create and share understanding and vision

In teams the constellation process helps to align the mental maps and the focus of the team members and creates shared experiences and images.

Permits to cross thresholds

In a constellation the act of crossing a threshold can be simulated with all the emotional implications. This experience makes it easier to repeat the crossing in real life.

Develop new scripts and update the mental maps

The moves that are performed during a constellation represent a prototype for alternative behavior in daily life.

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