Guide for Management Constellations

Guidelines for an approach to systemic constellations in a business and coaching context

Draft 0.2 (for evaluation by selected colleagues)

These guidelines represent a concise description of our approach integrating systemic constellations in coaching and business consulting.

They have been designed as a hand-out for the participants in our trainings and as an integration to our book “Enacting Solutions”.


These guidelines are a work in progress and will be updated regularly

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Definitions and Metaphors

We describe here a few concepts and metaphors that are the foundation of our approach and to some extent distinguish it from the way some other practitioners explain and practice systemic constellations.

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The process of systemic constellation work and underlying assumptions

The practice of systemic constellation work consists in a sequence of five necessary phases. Even if they are not explicitly distinguished, the implicit operations performed in each phase are logically inevitable. We attribute to all five phases great importance for the success of the consulting or coaching process.

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Tipps and Tricks

Please note that these suggestions are not all valid in every situation and should only be applied if they make sense in the specific context. 

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Effects and advantages of systemic constellations

We can distinguish ten types of effects of a systemic constellation

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Areas of application - useful theories and conceptual models

The following are examples from our consulting practice. We indicate a typical question and the potentially useful theory and conceptual model. Of course, you should be familiar with the dynamics of the underlying theory if you decide to use a conceptual model. We describe the process only where it deviates from the standard deployment of a constellation. The questions in this list are formulated in a more generic way than we would formulate them in an actual consulting context.

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Useful complementary approaches and methods

The Four Rooms of Change

The Epidauros Model

The Five Steps exercise

Bohm’s Dialog

Solution Focus Approach

Theory U

Methode Resseguier

Social Presencing Theatre

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