Systemic Constellations

The systemic constellation is a scenic representation: precise events are displayed in space and time. A kind of “moving” picture emerges and from this, conclusions are drawn that are inherent in a specific incident.

The wish to stage complicated or complex conditions and relationships is long-established. Scenic representations therefore form the cornerstones of almost all cultures. They prove that it has fascinated man since earliest times to condense and portray the essence of occurrences in a space-time sequence, that is, to put it on the scene.

The scenic representation makes something possible that no report can. It conveys what is essential in a situation in a lively sequence of pictures. However, it also renders more than a single picture because it points from the origins to the future and therefore expresses a direction of motion i.e. an intention.

A Guide for Management Constellations

These guidelines represent a concise description of our approach integrating systemic constellations in coaching and business consulting.

They have been designed as a hand-out for the participants in our trainings and as an integration to our book “Enacting Solutions”.

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Handbook for Management Constellations







A Handbook for the use of systemic constellations in coaching and consulting.

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„It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards“

Reflexions about System constellations in management contexts

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